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Humble Bundle

    I am partnered with Humble Bundle so that when you purchase games from Humble Bundle, you can also choose to support me with a portion of your purchase, and I have chosen the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as the charity you can support with your purchase as well!

    Click here to subscribe to Humble Monthly where, every month, you new games every month!

Multiple Sclerosis charity shirt

    I made charity shirts a little while back to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis because my mother was diagnosed with MS in 2013.

   If you would like to get yourself a shirt, designed by myself, and help support a charity while you're at it, just click on one of the shirts to the left or go to

    75% of all proceeds goes to charity.

    I made a video, to the left, about these charity shirts. Despite what I say in the video, the campaign is set to continuously relaunch.


    I use Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium to edit my videos. They have a wide range of products, including audio and image editing programs. Magix also has a stake in the Vegas line of video editors. If you want to use the same editor I have, go grab it now!


    Into The AM is a clothing website with funky, cool, elaborately designed clothing. There's different themes available and even game related merchandise!

    If enough people make a purchase from Into The AM through me, I can eventually have my own merchandise featured through them that you can enjoy!

   CLick on the image to the left to make a purchase and remember to use code

for 10% off your purchase!


    TubeBuddy is an amazing tool to help you optimize your YouTube channel in things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many, many other things.

    If you have your own YouTube channel and want a neat browser add-on that will make managing your channel easier and increase your channel's growth, just go to and get crackin'!
You can also support me while shopping on Amazon! You can choose from many different items, sold by many different companies, all on just Amazon alone.

I have a Gamewisp page, which is very similar to Patreon. There are 6 different tiers you can choose from to support me financially every month through Gamewisp. Just click the button to the left to check it out! Everything is explained in more detail there.


StreamLabs is a site that allows you to give a tip or donation to me, along with a message, and for that message to pop up on-screen while I am streaming. You can add a media file to the donation message as well and again, there are different things you can do with it.